Our founder Denny E. Hondokusumo used his talent in design and entrepreneurship very early on in life, having started his own design agency as early as high school.
Along with time, he eventually used his formal education at Pasadena City College and Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA, USA) and experience at one of Los Angeles’ finest boutique advertising agency, Strausberg Group, to begin climbing his own mountain when he returned to Indonesia in 2009. Thus, by God’s grace Helobrand was born in 2011 and is growing rapidly into one of the most reputable boutique ad agencies in the area.
Helobrand is built out of the idea that a business should not only be successful financially, but is also impactful in the marketplace. An impactful branding agency is able to create a story from a brand that will reflect that company’s vision, and relate to their customers at the same time. We want to do more than that. We want to create stories that resonate. Resonance spreads out and is contagious, therefore the energy that it gives does not only stay with one person, but it also affects those outside of the immediate impact.
This requires a united team that understands how to communicate a concept clearly and creatively. Our team specializes in mixing process and chaos, strategy and inspiration, people and perception, beauty and logic, all to the end result of a wholesome creation that is your brand.

One of the reasons why working with a team of designers with different backgrounds is a whole lot of fun is because we are able to work with so many different perspectives to create the best possible solution for you. We discuss every concept, scrutinize every detail, and sometimes fight over who gets the last piece of ote-ote (it’s a kind of fried Indonesian snack).
The way we think about ourselves is that, if we want to go international with this, we better be able to settle the differences within us as a family.That way, we not only tell you that we value teamwork, integrity and each other, but you can feel it ooze out of our interaction with you.
To find out other reasons why it is fun, come and say helo sometime! We promise we won’t bite.

Denny E. Hondokusumo
creative director

The big brother of the team, the leader of the pack, Denny puts a lot of thought into the choices he makes in deciding where the company goes. Despite his easy-going mannerism in his daily interactions, he takes his work incredibly seriously and expects the same level of commitment and professionalism from the team. The soft-spoken visionary has big dreams, and he is ready to sizzle up good brands with a big smile and rock-solid determination.

Regine Van Noord
europe division managing partner

It’s hard to not like Regine. She is passionate in what she does, constantly finding inspiration through interacting with the people she meets. She believes that branding is not only a marketing strategy, but it reflects the values, beliefs and uniqueness of a company. Therefore, building the brand of a company requires a thorough research and careful planning, which is definitely her forte. She believes that life is a constant process of learning. That each of us has a choice whether to make an excuse to shy away and close ourselves from an experience, or to embrace it and adapt ourselves to create the life that we want.

Geiga Pratama
project manager

Geiga knows what he wants and he goes out and gets it. He is a goal oriented individual with a leader charisma, so it’s no wonder that he becomes the project manager of the team, divvying up workloads among his teammates to achieve a seamless workflow. For him, an organized workplace is an extension of an organized life. His personality and personal vision fits well with Helobrand, which is why he sees himself in this team for the long run and is ready to pour out all his heart and soul into the wellbeing of the company and the clients.

Ika Vania
account executive

Ika has accumulated plenty of design and branding experience during the course of her career, and has collaborated with Denny on many occasions leading up to her inclusion into the team. As someone who often interacts directly with clients, she has developed a way to be inquisitive and calculative for the sake of finding out the best fit formula for each project. Her simple and elegant style fits well with Helobrand’s purposeful designs. She loves it when the work that she creates is both aesthetically pleasing and can be put into good use.

Gracia Nugroho
creative designer

Her vibe is similar to that of a dark horse. She prefers to listen more than to talk, and by being observant, she is able to incorporate the details that she notices in her projects into her work. This creates simple, meaningful but catchy designs. Gracia is straightforward, logical, and a true design machine through and through. Behind her calm and collected temperament lies an adventurous soul that loves testing limits and breaking out of the box, so don’t be surprised if one day she presents you with something that you didn’t see coming.

Nugroho Surya
creative designer

Nugroho is a nice guy. He is the type of person who will listen to you and try to understand your point of view before offering his own perspective and finally finding the best middle ground in any kind of discussion. This basic character gets incorporated into the way he designs for a project. He believes in purposeful design and genuinely tries to understand what his clients need and want before he adds in his perspective to the project. It gives him a great sense of satisfaction when his audience catches the clients’ message and appreciates his work at the same time.

Valery Mujaddidah
creative designer

Valery joined the Helobrand team because she saw what impact the agency has brought to the community and can relate well to the company’s vision. She is the type to explore her world one milestone at a time, so Helobrand is the perfect place for her to keep challenging herself and expanding her horizon. Despite her calm and quiet demeanor, Valery loves to connect and relate to her team mates through tea and coffee. This genuine friendship is one of the important values that she brings into the Helobrand team that makes the company more than just a workplace, but a family.

Taranita Mulia
creative designer

Young and free, courageous yet gentle hearted are some of the words that could describe her. She lives her life with no regret, speaking exactly what is on her mind and she is not afraid to make mistakes. She is always on the go, always finding something new to learn and increase her self-value. In the end, her one true passion is art. She loves working with paints and brushes, and the rush of creating something with her bare hands is something that she would not replace with anything. If there’s a splash of adventure and edginess in a Helobrand design, you can be sure that Tara might have a hand in the process.

Christine Tandiara
creative designer

Her easy going and forgiving nature makes her one of the most relaxed personalities in the team. As an INFP (for you MBTI-lovers out there), she takes her life the way it is, living it day by day and always puts a positive spin towards whatever happens in her life. As a designer, she has a preference for simple and elegant designs, but is more than able to adapt to what the current project entails. Despite her laid back nature, Christine always looks forward to how her life story would constantly invite her out of her comfort zone. She knows that it’s the only way she would grow as a person, and is going to give her best shot at life.

Anthony C. G.
creative designer

One look at Anthony and you can tell that he is a go-getter. He is passionate about his work as a Brand Strategist. With a remarkable background in advertising including a number of National Awards, he has accumulated quite an experience in creating concepts for his clientele. Prior to Helobrand, he worked in one of Indonesia’s most prominent Advertising Agencies in Jakarta. Little did we know that Anthony’s story is the classic underdog story. But his fighter mentality is the defining factor that makes him who he is today, an idealist with a realist view of his world.